Exhibition 10-24 May 2024, during the Venice Biennale of Art

Moon Zijp is showing her artwork during the 60th Venice Biennale of Art and Anima Mundi 2024, an international exhibition with various expressions of art in one of the most well-known palaces from the 16th century, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello.

Tribute to the Wallflowers

Every Wallflower is unique. They can be shy and hidden. But they have to be found. Because they are beautiful, special, unique and need to be seen!
Fortune favors the bold, but do not overlook the Wallflowers.

Especially for Venice she made an installation with Wallflowers: An old door opens your mind to the Wallflowers. Placed between written lines of a poem of Moon, the Wallflowers almost jump out of the black door. Ready to be discovered.

Poem ‘Tribute to the Wallflowers’

Wallflowers do not stand out.
They are shy, and at a glance, nothing special.
You would pass them in an instant.
You really have to find them. That’s the most important thing!
And oh, such luck, once you find your own Wallflower.
Because each one is so special, and so different from the next.
They are, once found, not as dull as you’d think.
They can be…

playful – frivolous – subdued – cheeky – romantic – eccentric – funny – thoughtful – wise

and so much more.
So take mind! Look for them where you think you have looked before, or where you could not find anything earlier. They will bring you luck irregardless, as long as you keep looking mindfully. So, you must put effort into it.

About Moon Zijp

Moon Zijp (1964) is ‘a Jack of all trades’. Deep, all-round and self-taught. The combination of being slightly chaotic, curious, impulsive, mostly cheerful, solution-oriented, and practical made her a creative monster.

She graduated from the prestigious academy of art in Amsterdam; the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.
(She is also the one and only inventor of the Plastuit/P-mate, a device that allows women to urinate standing up…)

Besides her work as an artist she also works as a teacher of technology and Arts & Crafts at a vocational school. As coordinator of sustainable development, she put her school on the map as a ‘sustainable school’.

With special thanks to:

Hendriekje van Houweninge, the well-known Dutch artist who made the beautiful magic paper flowers.

The family business who provided the wonderful dried flowers

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